16 January 2014

Would you wear a Bucket Hat?

 Hey guys, I have a question for you...
Would you wear a bucket hat? I'm seeing more and more of them around and I'm pretty convinced. 
Firstly I thought it's more of a Pharrell's thing and for girls, you gotta have the right look for it but more I look at them, it looks pretty cute for both 'bad girl' gangster look or more of a hobo-chic vintage vibe.
 Personally I'm getting sick of caps now and this is a fun alternative to other headwear?

I found some good ones on the net for you guys to see & let me know if you have seen BETTER! I am looking for one!
Vanishing Elephant

Crooks & Castles
Tell me if you know where this one is from!!!
 Plz tell me if you know where this is from!!!
The Quiet Life



  1. Oh Romi, I don't think I could ever do it. Something about them just makes me think of bad Australia day outfits and cringe. My son however looks adorable in it...just not fair. I've opted for the wool fedora instead

    X. pixelhazard | Bright Green Laces |

  2. I don't know that I would wear them, but I certainly think they can look super cute!

  3. Jeremy Scott also had some bucket hats I think... on the Opening Ceremony website.
    My mom made me wear these a lot when I was a little kid and I hated it but I think they do look cute now in an ironic kind of way



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